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The Write Stuff: Perfect Pen Set Options

Letter writing may be a lost art, but a luxury pen is the perfect addition to any man’s desk. Whether signing a big contract, writing a nice thank you note to a friend, or jotting a quick compliment to an employee or colleague, the perfect writing utensil certainly makes the job even more of a pleasurable experience. In a world of emails and text messages, that hand-written note can mean so much more than simply bits and bytes traveling through the Internet. These great pen sets will add a bit of luxury to any writing project.


Channel that inner philosopher or researcher with this stylized tool dedicated to the 16th Century Polish economist, mathematician, and philosopher. Experience your own renaissance when grasping this ode to the thinking man. The pen pays homage to Copernicus’ amazing life, including his homeland’s Warsaw and Warmia regions. His landmark cosmic theory is set in sterling silver and shimmering enamel. As one might expect of anything referencing the famed astronomer, this piece places the sun at the center of everything. Copernicus’s discoveries helped spark the Scientific Revolution and this pen will help spark your own sense of wonder as well.

Montegrappa, $5,900


Whether as a gift for a friend or just something for yourself, this pen sets a distinguished tone. The diamond pattern offers a unique accent to this superior writing tool and is quite a conversation starter. The interesting texture also adds to the pen’s appeal and brings a geometric style of the Diamond Point collection. It’s a modern twist meeting a vintage vibe, crafted in sterling silver. Secure in that sports coat pocket or in a special place on your desk. Signing off on a document has never been so nice and comes with so much sophistication

Tiffany & Co., $740


You may not be dreaming up famous detective novels like this set’s namesake, but you might just experience a sense of history when picking up this real piece of craftsmanship. Dedicated to the creator of the famous sleuthing series, the pen looks like something Sherlock Holmes himself might use when trying to crack a case. The design is meant to “evoke the sinister, foggy atmosphere of London,” Montblanc notes. The cap and barrel feature a plaid pattern to mimic Holmes’ coat and an historic London city map. The magnifying glass-shaped clip is also a nice fitting touch. Sign that birthday card or plan out your own novel.

Montblanc, $3,270


Perhaps your wishes outperform your budget when it comes to purchasing a luxury pen? This rollerball packs plenty of punch when it comes to performance without the four-figure price tag. The design features a remarkably classic look, with a magnetic closure and arched laser engraved Visconti clip. The design is meant to be “strong and harmonious like nature,” but also offering an elegant and streamlined look and feel. The Eco-logic line also includes some interesting craftsmanship. The pen is made from hemp bioplastic, a non-polluting material that is biodegradable and very resistant to scratches and other damage. The cellulose extracted from hemp undergoes a polymerisation process to obtain a completely biodegradable plastic material. Pop this in the briefcase or spread the ink love by giving one as a gift. Signing your signature never felt so good.

Visconti, $200


Why settle for just one pen when you can have a quintet of great options? Take your pick from a fountain, ballpoint, or rollerball pens with mechanical and sketch pencils also thrown into this Italian-crafted collection. These writing utensils make a serious statement with a colorful blend of green and burgundy resin, gold-plated trim, and an 18-karat gold nib. The gold-plated trim tops off the set with a regal look as well. The green jade stone studded in the top along with ancient symbols adorning the enamel ring add to the Asian ambiance this pen set gives off. Take notes in style or sketch that perfect image with this brilliant Aurora Asia set.

Pianki, $3,635


You’ll certainly stand out at that next board meeting when pulling out the Cabernet Kingman. This rollerball pen features a cool “Zinc Matrix” turquoise barrel in aerospace grade titanium and aluminum, making this tool stand the test of time. The colors certainly pop and will brighten the user’s day. Note the carbon fiber cap, made of hand-forged damascus and sterling silver, and the pocket clip set with a diamond. The pen also incorporates William Henry’s Wavelock cap closure system with a ring of chromium steel balls embedded in a titanium ring which are captured in wave-shaped grooves in titanium collars for closed and post positions. Live and write like a real king with this example of true artistry.

William Henry, $1,950

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