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Power Play: Inside the Magical Marriage of Mario & Courtney Lopez

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Love, laughter, and lights! Step into the enchanting world of Mario and Courtney Lopez with Lincoln Salazar, as they reveal the secret to balancing their romance with their showbiz careers. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the dynamic journey of this Hollywood power couple, where they gracefully navigate the glitzy red carpets hand in hand, and the mesmerizing dance floor of life as a seamless team. From thrilling movie sets to captivating TV studios, witness how their unbreakable bond fuels creativity, sparks magical chemistry, and ignites the flame of success. Discover the magic of love and collaboration as the Lopez’s redefine the meaning of ‘Happily Ever After.’

LS: How do you and Courtney keep it together as a family?

ML: We’ve been together for 14 years, married for ten, and we’re blessed with three healthy, beautiful kids. Honestly, my wife’s been great about making sure the machine runs smoothly because unfortunately, in my line of work, the schedule is very unpredictable and fluid. But she understands that, and she rolls with the punches and acclimates quickly, whether it’s with the kids schedules or for herself. We both work. We both are hands on with our kids and all their activities. And yet I don’t feel we’re missing out. I’m fortunate enough to work about 20 minutes from home, which means that I’m there to see everybody off to school. From there, I hit the ground running. I’ll squeeze in some jiu jitsu or boxing, and then I’ll do the radio show [On With Mario Lopez]. Afterwards, I have Access Hollywood, possibly a meeting or two, and then I’m able to be there for my son’s practice, or tournament.

LS: It seems like you guys are always doing family stuff and that you’re together a lot. Especially with two crazy schedules and three kids, it seems like you still carve out that time. Do you both still feel the same passion you did nine, ten years ago?

ML: Honestly, not to sound corny, but it’s better than ever with us. Of course, as a couple, we’re not going to always agree on everything and have disagreements from time to time, but I think those moments are also important. You must learn to choose your battles, but also have rules when it comes to arguing and fighting so no one crosses any lines.

CL: We don’t really fight when we fight. If we do, I think that’s because one of us is just really tired, so we just react. We don’t really fight over any big issues, only the kind of silly, small stuff.

LS: Do you guys want your children in Hollywood when they’re older?

CL: I want them to do whatever they want. We try to diversify their interests and expose them to many different things.

ML: Well, I want to raise, most importantly, good, kind kids that try to come from a place of love with all people. We always stress manners and being polite.

CL: At home, they’re crazy. But I’d rather have them be house devils and street angels. When they’re away from you, they’re representing you and your family. So, it makes you feel good when you know your parenting is being heard.

ML: I really do believe carrying yourself like a gentleman or a lady goes a long way. Manners go a long way. Being nice and being genuine go a long way. People remember that. People remember how you made them feel, and I think it comes back around. But at the end of the day, I want them to not only be good people, I want them to be independent and confident in whatever it is that they want to do, and pursue whatever passion they choose. And so far, I feel we’re on the right track and that we’re doing a good job. I had to grow up a lot quicker, a lot more street smart. I try to expose them to a strong work ethic and let them see that their dad’s hustling and working hard every day. I try to lead by example and show them that there are no shortcuts and hopefully that’ll be implemented and incorporated into their mindset and lifestyle.

LS: You two met in New York, right? At a Broadway show where you were performing at the time?

ML: Yes. It was a sort of a bucket list thing to do. And I was there for six months. And I met her the last couple of months of the show.

LS: So, Courtney, what was his pitch to you like? Every guy has a pitch or a way to charm a woman. What do you remember? Or Mario, did Courtney charm you?

ML: Well, I tried t o get her to go out with me. She didn’t go out with me at first. And then when she finally said yes, which was smart, by the way, then I was late and then she blew me off. And then she brought her friend the next time together. So, then it was, “I’m gonna make you work for this.”

CL: Yeah.

LS: What was the first date?

ML: The first date was when she brought her friend and we had dinner in New York City. I remember Spike Lee was sitting at the table next door and he came over and visited. It was cool and he was very nice, and he made me look good that night.

LS: So, we touched on family, now let’s try business. What is your best business advice?

ML: I think whatever your passion is, then you need to do just that. Focus on that one thing or skill. Commit every spare moment of your time being consumed by it. You should wake up thinking about it. You should go to bed thinking about it, and any help you can get. This generation is lucky because you can literally learn how to do anything on YouTube or Google. You can create your own content. You can create your own brand; you can create your own business. They didn’t have this when I was growing up as a kid. But it’s also about discipline and consistency. Those are the two things I would tell people; you must be disciplined, and you have to be consistent. And if you do that and aren’t afraid to ask questions or reach out to certain people and start from the bottom, then you have nowhere to go but to work your way up. I think you need people to help keep you accountable and I think it’s important to have a great partner. I’m lucky that with my wife, I can bounce ideas off of her. I want to be ubiquitous and synonymous with the five F’s, which is our family, faith, fitness, food, and fun. If it doesn’t fall under one of those five buckets, then I’m not necessarily interested.

LS: Where do you see the Lopez family in the next 10 to 15 years?

CL: First, it’s scary how fast time goes by. I know everybody says that and it sounds very cliche, but it is. You think the days are long, but the years end up being so short and your kids are one, two, three, four or five. And some days when you’re having bad days and you think the day’s never going to end, you’ve just got to live in the moment and not wish the day away. To live in the moment is what you need to do because before you know it, your kids are going to be out of the house doing their own thing. They don’t want to be near you. They don’t want to be with you.

ML: And I think the key and something you’ll see when you have kids, is that you’ve got to be present, and you’ve got to be there. That’s the one thing you don’t want – is to get so overwhelmed and so consumed with your goals that you’re an absentee father or mother, because then what are you doing it for? In 15 years, our youngest will be just turning 18. Hopefully he’ll be off to college and not in prison.

CL: I just want to have hope. Hopefully we have more time to just enjoy them and do the things that we love because we want to, not because we must.

ML: Everything’s a temp job. You don’t know, everything can end tomorrow. Just like that. I want to continue to parlay on what I’ve worked so hard for and to build on it and to not only provide for my family, but to be able to take care of them and provide other opportunities for my friends and represent my community.

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