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Le Gaspard: Paris’ Best Cigar Lounge

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Nestled within the prestigious La Réserve Hotel in the heart of Paris, Le Gaspard emerges as an exquisite and enchanting haven for those seeking an unparalleled blend of luxury, history, and gastronomic delights. This elegant establishment, named after the visionary entrepreneur Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel, pays homage to his pioneering spirit in the world of wine trade, as well as his indomitable presence on the Route des Indes for the Bordeaux wine industry.

Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel, affectionately known as the Maharajah of Saint-Estèphe, carved his legacy as the founder of Domaine de Cos d’Estournel. Today, this prestigious domain is under the ownership of Michel Reybier, the visionary behind La Réserve. The fusion of these two remarkable figures’ legacies creates an ambiance that seamlessly combines tradition and innovation.

Le Gaspard sets a new standard for gastronomic excellence and libation artistry, boasting a signature cocktail menu that takes inspiration from d’Estournel’s travels across the globe. The mixologist team artfully blends spices and spirits from diverse corners of the world, with a special focus on the wines and champagnes produced in Michel Reybier’s vineyards. This deliberate fusion of influences results in cocktails that tantalize the palate and transport patrons on a sensory journey through history and culture.

But Le Gaspard offers more than just liquid indulgence; it’s a culinary haven where Two Michelin-starred chef Jérôme Banctel conjures an array of sweet and savory delights that echo the subtle exoticism of Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel’s endeavors. Each dish is a masterpiece, reflecting the chef’s dedication to infusing flavors from different cultures into a harmonious symphony of taste.

The experience extends beyond the confines of the cocktail and dining menus. The cigar room stands as a testament to indulgence and sophistication, providing a resplendent atmosphere for intimate gatherings or private dinners for up to 20 guests. Cognac and rum pairings add an extra layer of refinement to these luxurious affairs, enhancing the sensory journey that Le Gaspard offers its discerning patrons. With a curated selection of cigars from around the world, the room is a haven for enthusiasts and novices alike, drawing inspiration from the storied traditions of Cuba.

At Le Gaspard, attention to detail is paramount, evident in the meticulously designed lounge. The exceptional air filtration system ensures a comfortable and safe environment for all guests. Plush couches, cushioned chairs, and intimate tables create an atmosphere of conviviality, inviting patrons to unwind and savor every moment. The lounge accommodates approximately 20 guests indoors, although its popularity often ensures an intimate and relaxed setting.

Beyond the lounge lies an enchanting garden that mirrors the elegance of the interior. With a similar seating capacity, the garden becomes an extension of the Le Gaspard experience, inviting guests to bask in the Parisian ambiance while indulging in the culinary and libation marvels the establishment offers.

Le Gaspard at La Réserve Hotel in Paris is the epitome of opulence, history, and culinary innovation. It gracefully weaves together the legacies of Louis-Gaspard d’Estournel and Michel Reybier, creating an ambiance that pays tribute to the past while embracing the present. From signature cocktails to exquisite dishes and an atmosphere of refined relaxation, Le Gaspard beckons to those seeking an unforgettable journey into the heart of Parisian luxury.

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