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From One Round to the Next: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Enthusiast Report’s CEO and Publisher, Lincoln Salazar, spoke with Floyd Mayweather Jr. about his dedication to excellence inside and out of the ring. The professional boxer, promoter, and entrepreneur eagerly faces his newest challenge, punching into the world of spirits.

Enthusiast Report (ER): Let us start from the beginning. Tell us a little about yourself growing up and how your environment shaped you into the resilient athlete and legacy you are today.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (FM): Well, I don’t really wanna say, I’m an athlete. I like to say I’m a well-rounded person, just all around the board, a well-rounded human being that happens to fall in an athlete category, but I’m not just an athlete. I’m a father, I’m a grandfather, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a hard worker, and I’m also an athlete. I just don’t wanna put myself in one field. But just going through a lot of ups and downs as far as with my mom and my family but never stopped believing. I kept working extremely hard to be the best at whatever I got involved in. And just with me getting involved with this new alcohol business, champagne line & whisky, I just, I just want push it. I want it in everybody’s home and it’s going to be at the top, I want us to be at the top.

ER: At a young age, what made you want to pick up boxing and pursue a career in the sport?

FM: Well, as a young kid, I’ve known about boxing my whole life. My dad was a fighter. His two brothers were fighters and his other brother who went to the army boxed in the army. So, I come from a fighting family, and I guess it’s in my blood line.

ER: What do you believe it takes to be the best at something? Passion, consistency, and discipline?

FM: Not just those three things. The first thing I truly believe that it takes is belief. You have to believe in whatever you’re doing. I don’t care if it’s boxing or business. If you take a chance doing an independent business, you have to believe first. Belief is in everything first, no different from me. My boxing record is 50-0, but I had to believe I could win my first fight first before I could win the other 49. The will to win. A winning team that’s gonna back you and help and believe in you just as much as you believe in yourself. You gotta believe in your team, just like your team believes in you. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s not just one thing or three things.

ER: Did you always believe in yourself and your ability to become the “world’s best” and was there ever a time in your career you felt doubt or uncertainty?

FM: Never. I never stop believing in whatever I’m trying to do in life. I feel like I can accomplish anything but what I don’t like sometimes is when you have team members that don’t truly believe in themselves. And I feel like anybody that’s around me or that’s trying to get involved with my team, you must have strong belief. That’s one of the major keys. I would never stop believing. I feel I’m the best. I feel like I can accomplish anything, but I don’t feel like I can do it all by myself. No one can do it by themselves. So you have to have great males as well as great females working together and having sharp minds to be successful. And that’s what I truly believe in having.

ER: When you go out into the ring, do you ever feel nervous or overwhelmed by the amount of people betting on you? How do you keep a level head and focus on the ring and all other current ambitions?

FM: I don’t really wanna say nervous, I always wanna give the people a good show and do great numbers. I feel like when it comes to the nervous part, that’s my opponent. He has to be worried about facing me because they know I’m well-rounded around the board. I feel like my opponent should be more nervous than I am because I’m not nervous. I’m more worried about numbers and other things because I’m not just a fighter. I’m a promoter. So, I’m the one that must worry about the numbers because those are the extras. As far as the champagne and whisky, I’m gonna push it to the limit and I’m not really worried about the numbers because everything I touch turns to gold.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Le Bon Argent RoseER: After so many years of success, what made you want to expand into the world of spirits?

FM: I’m naturally a social person. I love people. And I love watching the ones I love and care about celebrate life. That’s what makes me happy. I love lifting people’s spirits, so I made my own!

ER: Like your commitment and how you strive for perfection in the ring, do you have the same passion to be the world’s best in terms of the quality of your spirit products?

FM: Absolutely. Why would I do anything less? You don’t get to be an undefeated world champion by settling for second best. Our whisky is not only superior to other whiskies, it’s unique. It’s different. Our 5 Yr old is genuine Canadian whisky carefully blended and then aged in American Oak barrels. It’s the best of both worlds. Step up to it and understand it.

ER: Was it the appreciation for the craft or the appreciation for the exhilarating energy and camaraderie of what that bottle symbolizes when being shared around a table with family or friends on a Saturday night?

FM: Our bottle symbolizes strength and value. Our logo is based on an ancient currency. A simple coin but with an extraordinarily high value. Good Money! Social currency is also what we all deal in these days. Who do you know? What do you know? How do you capitalize on that? How do you spread that energy? Our brand is about celebrating life and more importantly, living life to the fullest. Energy and camaraderie are close friends in my book.

ER: Of all the spirits, what made you want to produce whisky and champagne?

FM: Champagne was an obvious choice. The people I hang with are like me. We love life and we love luxury. And we tend to win. So, champagne was easy. With the whisky, I really wanted something with soul. Aspirational. Like a goal to be reached. A huge step up from the ordinary, almost like a challenge. Something masculine, but inclusive to strong women as well. And I wanted it to be a brand you could be sure about. Certain about when you’re ready to go there. Good Money!

ER: What sets your whiskey apart from all the others on the market? Can you tell us a little about the distilling process?

FM: Our five-year Canadian whisky is 100% distilled and made from heirloom corn. It’s expertly triple-distilled for silky purity, then aged in charred American Oak barrels for five years. The result is an extra smooth whisky with woodsy notes wrapped in brown sugar and vanilla. 80 Proof (40%ABV) Our 10-year Canadian rye whisky is distilled from 100 percent rye and aged in oak barrels for 10 years. Good Money’s 10-year rye is characterized by citrus and floral notes, layered with pepper and spice for a lasting smooth finish. 90 Proof (45%ABV).

In addition to hand-crafted bottling, our prestigious Canadian distillery in Ontario is known for the very best aged and quality Canadian whisky.

ER: How do you recommend people drink your whisky? Neat, mixed, both perhaps?

FM: My whisky is a badge of honor. How you wear it, how you drink, that’s up to you. Step up to Good Money and then use it in any way that makes you happy. But enjoy it responsibly.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Le Bon ArgentER: The Le Bon Argent Collection is “for those who seek the best in everything.” What was the inspiration behind the birth of this brand, and what makes Le Bon Argent the best in the game?

FM: Like I said above, I’m all about luxury without limits. I also believe in earning that luxury or else it’s not special. Seeking the best of everything is beyond luxury. It’s about seeking the best in yourself and then rewarding that excellence when you achieve it. Le Bon Argent is about celebrating excellence in one’s life. What makes us the best in the game? Easy. I make it the best in the game because I don’t work with people who are satisfied with being second best at anything. Our champagne is straight from the France. The history of excellence in making superior champagne in that region is the stuff of legends. If you want the best, you use the best resources. Start with knowledge, end with greatness.

ER: What inspired your packaging for Le Bon Argent?

FM: The logo was inspired by the Great Seal of King Jean Le Bon of France in the 13th century; it resembles an ancient coin and the currency from that time. It quite literally was the Good Money and today, I’m the “Good Money.”

ER: How many states are you currently distributed in and what are you wanting to see in terms of distribution growth for the future of your brand?

FM: Good Money is exclusively distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits in 44 States in the USA. To ensure quality representation and customer service, Good Money began distribution in 12 States and will progressively expand to all 50 States.

Both products can be purchased in these States: California, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Virginia, New York, Arizona, Georgia & Kentucky.

Le Bon Argent distribution is expanding internationally with our new champagne distribution partner for the Japanese market and will soon expand to other countries. Le Bon Argent’s careful focus on product quality will ensure Le Bon Argent becomes a recognizable quality brand in all major national and international markets. In the U.S., Le Bon Argent champagne products will cover three market segments. A high-quality Le Bon Argent brut champagne is presented in a black matte bottle and comes in several variations. Our silver medallion metal logo or luminous “Lights Out Collection,” this high-quality product will retail from $139.99 to $149.99. Our brut is rated 92 points by the Tasting Panel. This champagne will find its place in restaurants, nightclubs, retailers, hotels, and any event worth celebrating. Champ wants everyone to enjoy his Limitless Luxury line so, we even created a high-quality Brut Le Bon Argent champagne rated 91 pts, by the Tasting Panel. Retailing next to Veuve Clicquot for $59.00. This Gold Medallion green bottle packaging represents “Bringing Home the Gold”, as Floyd’s undefeated record of 50-0!

Finally, the exceptional Le Bon Argent brut rosé comes in an electric blue matte finish bottle. This will be sold at $149.99 to $169.99. It will not only be an exceptional sign of distinction and elegance but an exceptional champagne rosé rivaling in quality. One of the best champagne existing on the market. Our rosé was rated 95 points by the Tasting Panel in the July/August issue.

As for Good Money Whisky, Good Money’s strategy is to present two quality products: a 10-year-old Rye Canadian whisky and a five-year-old whisky. The 10-year-old rye Canadian Whisky is aged in oak barrels for a distinctive flavor. This special blend will be sold in the U.S. at $79.99. The whisky is rated 94 points by the prestigious Tasting Panel. This five-year-old whisky will likely please a larger segment of whisky connoisseurs who will appreciate the quality of a special whisky retailing for $29.99. At such a price, Good Money will compete very favorably with existing mass-market whiskies. Even with such competitive pricing, Good Money can offer buyers a premium classy presentation with a five-year aged high-quality whisky. With such a product, Good Money aims to secure a large segment of the whisky market in the U.S. and abroad. Champ is thrilled to getting in the ring with the largest retail giant, Walmart for his Good Money 5 Year Canadian Whisky. Launching firstly in Las Vegas, Florida rather than Illinois. If you’re in Las Vegas and want to taste some Champs Whisky, Good Money 5 Yr. and 10 Yr. can be enjoyed at La Casa Cigar Lounge.

ER: In a recent Instagram post you said you, “want the whole world to feel good, look good & drink good” and, “for the whole world to drink rich.” Who do you see drinking your product? Is your product obtainable for anyone who wants to be a part of the Good Money lifestyle?

FM: I love this question. I think image is relevant. Stand for something or stand for nothing. But that said, I don’t want my customers to be like me. I want them to be like themselves. But the very best version of themselves that they can be. I love people who love independence and excellence. If you have a strong belief in yourself and who you are and what you stand for… I want you in my circle. I want you enjoying my products.

Le Bon Argent Brut

ER: As a new grandfather, how does it feel to see your two-year-old grandson already shadow boxing and does it put you back into the mindset of when you first started boxing as a young child?

FM: Having a grandson is great and to see him pick up boxing at a very young age is truly amazing. I don’t know if he will end up being a fighter but whatever he does I stand by him 100 percent. I remember when I was young, I would love to go to the boxing gym and just be around the sport.

ER: I’d like to leave on this note, do you hope for your family to continue in your footsteps as an athlete and entrepreneur and what do you wish to leave behind as your ultimate legacy?

FM: My ultimate legacy is to be a great person, knowing that I helped inspire people, helped people through hard times, and was just a great family man. I would like my children and grandchildren to take over the businesses one day, even if nobody is an athlete. It’s about generational wealth and the Mayweather brand is engraved for life.

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