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Cleaning Up Well: 10 Great Men’s Grooming Products

Spring is here, and whether you’re in the boardroom, flying off for a nice vacation, or heading out for a night of drinks with friends, looking your best and feeling fresh adds to a man’s confidence and overall well-being. Serious grooming and upkeep makes a man look and feel his best — and that special lady may appreciate the effort too. Here’s a look at some great products for treating your body like the temple that it is.


1 – Oars and Alps Body Wash Trio ($49.99)

Giving the whole car a wash is step one in the detailing process, and that goes for keeping your body clean as well. This three-pack offers men a nice choice of scents depending on their mood: fresh ocean splash, alpine tea tree, or California coast. This hydrating and nourishing body wash features jojoba oil, antioxidants, and vitamin E to keep you feeling invigorated and fresh after that sweaty workout or long day at the office.


2 – Man Bar ($10)

For some bar soap scrubbing action, the Man Bar, as the name implies, is built for a man. Choose from great options like moisturizing midnight, clean comfort coastal, and hydrating Siberian fir. These soaps do it all: hydrate, exfoliate, and offer a deep clean. A quick scrub leaves your skin soft and smelling great — complemented with light, masculine fragrances. Any real man would enjoy some of that.


3 – Daily Cleansing Shampoo ($15)

American Crew has some great products for men, and this hair cleanser delivers. Enriched with vitamin B, this shampoo leaves hair manageable and soft while also ridding the scalp of excess oil. Add in Crew’s Daily Moisturizing Conditioner ($27) to further strengthen and protect that mane. Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the saying goes, and this combination may make you feel like Thor himself (he has some great hair, after all).



4 – Detroit Grooming Manistee Shave Gel ($10.95)

Men looking for a cleaner facial look will want something that hydrates, keeps the skinsmooth, and avoids razor bumps or cuts. Straight from Motown, this aloe-eucalyptus vitamin E oil mixture makes shaving a breeze. The eucalyptus extracts serve as natural antiseptics to keep the skin from seeing any irritation. The experience is so nice, you maybe eager for that next appointment with a razor.


5 – Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel ($23)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of applying cooling aftershave after working with a razor. The aloe, sage, and lavender blend together perfectly in this cooling concoction that makes for a perfect post-shave skin-soothing experience. Work into the skin for great protection and a feeling not quite like any other.


7 – Bath & Body Works Smoked Old Fashioned Body Spray ($14.50)

You may live in the mountains (or at least dream of that life), but there’s no need to smell exactly like a mountain man. The look might be cool, but the sweat and grime that come with chopping wood and taking hikes through the forest may not be ideal. More men are ditching traditional cologne for lighter scents that leave you smelling great all day without being overpowering. BBW describes this spray as “an upscale twist to a cocktail classic, served fireside” featuring smoked orange bitters, bourbon vanilla, and cedarwood. Keep in the bathroom cabinet, in the gym bag, or even at the office. Spray, smell great, repeat as needed, plan that trip to the Rockies.



8 – Sunbum Signature SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion ($20.49)

Time at the pool or the beach doesn’t mean you have to risk skin cancer and other negative consequences of exposure to the sun. Sunbum Signature offers a mineral-based sun protectant that offers beach lovers plenty of protection, whether ducking under a palm tree for a piña colada or taking a quick jog down along the sand. Smooth some on — and don’t forget the surfboard.


9 – Mountaineer Beard Growth Balm ($23.99)

Whether you go for full-time stubble or the complete Grizzly Adams look, keeping that beard in top-notch form is essential. No matter the length of your face fuzz, this heat- infused growth balm with biotin will make your beard look great while also adding nice scents. Have a quick rub to start your day.

10 – Aberlite Sandalwood Beard Oil ($13.99)

No one wants one’s beard to feel like a Brillo pad, and some extra care can keep those bristles soft and manageable. Another option to keep that foliage under control is with beard oil. A quick shot of Aberlite comes with a treat of natural essential oils and is excellent for sensitive skin. The sandalwood also provides a nice fragrance without an overpowering scent. Oil up and get the day started.



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