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Celebrating Desert Door’s Double Gold Achievement!

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At Enthusiast Report Magazine, we are thrilled to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of Desert Door Sotol in our recent awards.Desert Door’s Pollinator has been honored with a Double Gold, a recognition of its superior quality and innovative approach within the Conservation Series, which underscores the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem. Additionally, Desert Door Original received a Gold, showcasing its unique and bold flavors that embody the spirit of West Texas.

Desert Door Texas Sotol invites you to experience the untamed spirit of the Texas desert, encapsulated in every drop. Originating from the rugged landscapes and arid beauty of West Texas, the sotol plant thrives in this unforgiving terrain. Desert Door’s heritage is deeply rooted in tradition, combined with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, crafting a spirit that truly embodies the essence of the wild west.

‘Sotol’ is both the name of this distinctive spirit and the plant from which it is made. Unlike agave-based spirits, sotol is a separate species entirely. Desert Door is not tequila or mezcal, but rather a smoother, more flavorful cousin, residing in a category of its own: Texas Sotol.

Desert Door’s journey began thousands of years ago with the indigenous peoples of West Texas, who used the sotol plant to create a fermented beverage. This tradition continued into the prohibition era when Texans made moonshine from the resilient plant. The founders of Desert Door, intrigued by sotol’s hardy nature, developed a proprietary process through trial and error, resulting in a unique, earthy, and delicious spirit.

We are excited to share more about Desert Door Sotol and encourage our readers to discover the unique and flavorful experience it offers. Join us in celebrating Desert Door’s dedication to quality, innovation, and the unique flavors of Texas Sotol.

Don’t miss out on these extraordinary spirits! Be sure to grab a bottle of both the Pollinator and the Original. Experience the double gold-winning excellence of The Pollinator and the gold-winning boldness of the Original. Treat yourself to the adventure and taste the spirit of Texas today!


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Lincoln Salazar
Lincoln Salazar
Lincoln Salazar is the CEO/Publisher of Enthusiast Report. With over 10 years of experience in the publishing industry, Salazar presents Enthusiast Report which is a broader, modern vision of luxury and lifestyle.

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